The bullet tore through the flesh just below his rib cage.

He felt what little weight the boy had left fly from his arms, and both of them landed on the dusty concrete floor. My father saw blood soaking through his shirt like water darkening paper, felt the odd, slick texture of it between his fingers, and then the fire in his head and his belly surged together and become nothing but a thudding blackness behind his eyes.

Before it went dark, he saw thin legs swinging midair as a blurry figure, heavy with inky black smoke, picked up the boy with green eyes and a vial full of poison and carried him out through the hole in theĀ barrier, where everything turned a blazing white, then vanished.”

An excerpt from an early chapter of my novel project, Strix, where Hana is recounting her father’s memory of his time as a soldier trying to shuttle refugees out of harm’s way, and he fails to save a little boy.

I’m not sure if I like having this part in first person POV or not yet, esp. since it’s not the POV of Taye, the character in the scene (Hana’s dad). But I do like how it came out.

I picture Idris Elba as a good Taye, so I dug up some screenshots of him that kinda fit the scene a little. Helps me visualize!